Applix’ business unit that supports companies in the digital evolution of their products and services through the proprietary platform Appdoit.

Appdoit has been conceived for companies interested in facing the digital world challenges developing in series, replicable, scalable and multi-channel solutions in a simple and effective way.

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A platform for the digital evolution that speaks both marketing and IT languages

With Appdoit the customer has at his disposal a visual tools to join components taken from a catalogue, choosing different kind of modules to face all the market needs and cutting down on costs and time thanks to the use of replicable prototypes.

The Appdoit backend can be easily integrated with the customer’s systems thanks to its plug-in based architecture that allows to insert, remove or upgrade modules with no disruption to systems operations.

digital evolution

In all industries, companies are moving in a more and more competitive environment and they need to interact directly with their end customers.

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Accelerate the business

Companies need to accelerate their business through a customer centric strategy, but they are still searching for competences, tools, and they need more time and organisational strategy.

digital evolution

Meet all needs

Appdoit meets this need helping customers carry out their digital strategy developing multi-channel and scalable solutions

digital evolution

Focus on your final customer

Whether the chosen channel is an App, a website or a product for digital signage, Appdoit guarantees the best interaction and engagement for the end-user.

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Fast integration and modular architecture

The platform architecture can be easily integrated with the most widespread legacy systems on the market.

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Cut down on costs and development times

It’s possible to develop replicable prototypes that help cut down on software development costs through a fast delivery

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