We apply typical video games dynamics in no playful contexts.
A gamification project provides targets to be achieved, levels to be completed,
make the user compete with others, share his successes and earn rewards.



Our business unit specialising in the digital branded entertainment.

It creates and develops, together with its clients, online and App games,augmented reality and digital signage projects, 2D and 3D animations and e-learning courses for students and professionals.

New media are exploited to promote, in a multi-channel and interactive way, the client’s brand aiming to create stable relationships with users and increase loyalty.



It’s the ecosystem through which we make possible our special initiatives thanks to a robust technology framework and a know-how of many years employed for content creation.

The framework enables the use of gamification mechanics also for other channels and, analysing users behaviour, allows to optimize the content strategy in order to motivate and retain them, filling their need for gratification.

This way loyalty can be achieved through physical prizes, social rewarding and badge, visibility.