The proprietary platform Appdoit is a white-label solution intended for telephone directories, yellow pages, web and marketing agencies interested in creating mobile Apps for SMEs in order to expand their service offering in a simple and effective way.

Thanks to the partnership with IBM Worklight, in 2014 it launched AppdoitPRO, a Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platform providing more complex and structured companies with an integrated solution for the development of multiplatform Apps from a visual prototype based on a library of templates.



Our solution for the development of Digital Signage, IOT and Proximity Engagement projects.

Thanks to proprietary technologies it transforms defined areas and environments (such as shop windows) and everyday tools into smart objects to interact with via mobile devices.

By connecting sensors and touch devices the physical environment, both external and internal to the objects, can be “handled” by the user who can interact with it.

Applix GrapeLit provides tools and develops unique projects that allow to live innovative and revolutionary experiences of content fruition.



APP-BI is a business intelligence tool that enables to select targeted KPIs and set effective marketing strategies.
A unique suite based on a proprietary analytics solution totally dedicated to mobile digital publishing and that also provides features for user profiling and direct marketing, all in one integrated platform.
APP-BI is a product developed by Applix Xorovo.

Applix App-bi Technology

Bubble Viewer

The proprietary technology by Applix which enables users to plunge into detailed 3D reconstructions of maps and places.
A realistic and engaging experience for smartphone and tablet, showing unlimited digital worlds: users only need to move with their device to have a 360-degree vision of the reconstructed environment and interact with it.
Bubble Viewer is patent pending technology (United States Provisional Patent Application No. 61/419,613).


Mycromags is a proprietary platform that operates as a news aggregator and records users preferences according to what they read and search on national and international web sources.
In this way users become publishers and readers at the same time, choosing the news in order to create their own customised stream with real-time updates.

Applix mycromags Technology