Applix Digital Publishing

Our business unit entirely focused on designing and developing services and solutions that enable to enhance our clients’ content and publishing products for the digital and mobile world.

Applix Digital Publishing supports not only traditional publishers, by ensuring that their readers live a consistent user experience across multiple channels, but also all the companies that want to build a digital strategy from their publications and create new business opportunities.


Applix Digital Publishing offers proprietary products including social network plug-in, multi-display optimisation, analytics to monitor user behaviour, semantic research and innovative ADV formats.


The publishing suite for your digital editions.
The leading platform on the market to change paper-based publications into digital products.


Personalised white label news aggregator
The technology that operates as an aggregator of publishing content and web feeds for a personalised real-time experience.


Many channels in One App
The mobile solution enabling users to read paper-based publishing content in a “liquid”, real-time and customised way, integrating them with web updates.

Appdoit for Publishing

Our prototyping tool for a fast go-to-market
The platform to develop native and HTML5 applications to test your ideas creating ready-to-use prototypes for your customers.


You create the content, we enhance it, your customers enjoy the final product.
Applix has developed innovative solutions to enhance your publishing products distributing
them on different channels and creating new and interesting additional revenue streams.
Content 2 Commerce

Build e-commerce strategies from the products you advertise.


Choose a fast multi-channel content distribution.

Digital Kiosk

Create a multi-head App collecting all your publications.


Give voice to your digital projects for a specific geographic area.

Custom Apps

Make the most of your content with an ad hoc project.

Proximity Publishing

Turn any environment into a digital “reading zone” for your users.

Wearable & Nearable

Engage your users through the new technologies.

Subscription System

Manage your paper and digital subscriptions within a single platform.

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